Grand Village Imperial

Times are changing. The Chinese restaurant no longer had the Covid temperature check gate that you had to walk through with the pictures of customers who had walked out without paying.

Now the place seemed somehow less inviting, like there was no reason to be here except an ordinary meal.

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The Red Cow

It was my first day at Larksmeade Lawn, where I teach Wednesday activities.

The headmaster’s idea for Authors Club failed. Only two kids signed up. Try selling an author’s club at a dyslexic school.

Larksmeade was that school we passed in the car on the way to the Town when I got back to Britain. I seemed to remember it from somewhere. It reminded me of the set of Never Let Me Go, the Kazuo Ishiguro movie that brought me to tears in another life.

I tried to poach some kids from Cartoon Club to save my activity. “Sir, Sir, are you an author?” said one kid brightly. No. I’m a failed author. But I can teach that.

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